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I have been customizing cars and trucks since I was 15. With over seven years
of experience I have learned that no two vehicles are the same and everyone's
needs are different. I don't like to do things twice so I make sure everything is
done right the first time. I have a dual associates degree in diesel/agriculture
technician. I graduated in November of 2013. I have lived in Pendleton most
of my life and love the town. I graduated high school from Pendleton in 2011.


I take pride in everything I do and make sure every vehicle leaves our shop better than it came in.
But most importantly that every customer is ecstatic with the outcome of their vehicle.

At tricked out car and truck sales, LLC we have one main goal. That goal is to service Pendleton, Anderson
and surrounding towns with quality products, excellent customer service, and to make sure that every
vehicle speaks for the owner.

Adam Scanlan

Tricked Out Car & Truck Sales, LLC
237 S. Pendleton Ave.
Pendleton Indiana 46064

Office: 765-524-8747

Fax: 765-778-1154


Adam Scanlan
Tricked Out Car & Truck Sales, LLC

Phone: 765-524-8747